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Case Study

Industry: Manufacturing

What Was Our Client's Problem?

Our client works with many of the largest manufacturers in the United States to create custom products for the construction industry. They recognized the dynamic potential of the internet and knew their industry could benefit from the new opportunity. The issue was a question of balance -- how to innovate with technology in a traditionally, non-computer-based industry? How to invest just the right amount on innovation in a changing and uncertain economy, while maximizing existing resources, successes and sustained market presence?

What Did Semeron Do for Our Client?

Using Semeronís rapid design process, the client created a shared vision for an entirely new business model. Within a single, 2-day strategy session the organization established alignment and a clear understanding the key objectives to which each part of the company operates. In addition, the client used Semeronís customer-driven design process to incorporate their key customers in the design and delivery of the resulting solution.

How Did Our Client Benefit?

The result was a technology-based partnering solution, designed from the outside-in, that fits the needs of the clientís most valuable customers while also supporting its ultimate business strategy. The client also identified and prioritized the internal process changes needed to support the new strategies. Its customer service, financial and operational processes are optimized to deliver customer value in cost effective ways. The organization is now prepared to deliver AND sustain the value provided to its customers through its new market strategy.