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Case Study

Industry: Financial Services

What Was Our Client's Problem?

Many of our clients have grown through mergers or acquisitions, and most have reaped great rewards. However, this reward comes at a price. Mergers and acquisitions often leave the combined organization in chaos, with declines in productivity and performance. If not managed effectively, mergers and acquisitions can result in higher cost structures, reduced customer service levels and islands of redundant, inefficient work. Our client, a national financial services firm that acquired 15 small companies over an 18 month period, found itself in this situation a full year after the final acquisition.

“If I knew then what I know now, I never would have sold my company. We’re worse off than before and we haven’t come close to achieving the goals of the consolidation. The venture capitalists own all the upside.” Former Owner

What Did Semeron Do for Our Client?

Semeron helped our client quickly achieve economy of scale, efficiently deploy its human and capital resources, and lower its cost of operations. Our approach was to:

1. Assess Best Practices – Working with a team of internal experts from the acquired companies, Semeron assessed current practices as well as ‘out of the box’ ideas. Referring to overriding business objectives, we answered the question, “What is the OPTIMAL way of doing business?”

2. Develop Solutions – We determined the feasibility and designed the methods to the improve technology, business processes, human resources and organizational structures needed to achieve business goals.

3. Implement – We guided our client through implementation activities that included communication strategies, technology deployment, training and human resources reassignment.

How Did Our Client Benefit?

Our client adopted a single process for all its operational activities and implemented common technology for all local offices. Standard operational practices were consolidated into a single location while service practices remained flexible to meet local customer service expectations. Our client produced a profit from all offices following full implementation of the consolidated operations.