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Business Process Re-engineering:
Operational Process and Efficiency Improvement

3 Case Studies

Industries: Public Sector, Financial Services and Healthcare
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Helping our clients save money through process and systems improvement is our core competency.

Procurement Case Study
Industry: Public Sector

What Was the Client’s Problem?
A major West Coast city, faced with tightened resource constraints, acknowledged that its procurement system was a paper-driven bottleneck, a reactive approach resulting in lost opportunities for quantitative and qualitative improvements and a questionable return on investment. They wanted to lower costs, streamline processes, and incorporate core values into their procurement system.

What Did Semeron Professionals Do for the Client?
Working with key leaders from all departments and agencies, we conducted an enterprise-wide business process re-engineering effort and implemented innovative strategies to leverage buying power, incorporate an effective use of technology, and maximize process efficiencies and return on investment. The enthusiastically embraced result was a commodity driven procurement approach, utilizing cross-functional teams, best value contracting tools, and strategic sourcing mechanisms.

How Did The Client Benefit?
Since implementation in 1999 the client has achieved a sustainable annual savings of 2% of their $150 million annual spend, improved cross-functional communication and collaboration, shortened processes timelines, and fulfillment of long term priorities and policy goals through a strategic enterprise-wide approach.

Operations Case Study
Industry: Financial Services

What Was Our Client's Problem?
Our client, a small 40-person retirement plan services firm, was losing money on every single retirement plan it serviced. Its service and operational costs were higher than the revenue collected on each plan.

What Did Semeron Do for Our Client?
Semeron worked together with key members of the management team on a Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) effort.

How Did Our Client Benefit?
Within 6 months of implementation, our client achieved break-even, and one year after implementation, it achieved profitability. 18 months after implementation, our client was acquired by a national retirement services firm due in part to its high profit margins relative to the industry.

Human Resources Case Study
Industry: Health Care

What Was Our Client's Problem?
Semeron's client is a leading healthcare organization competing for scarce, qualified and highly skilled medical professionals. They needed to refine their hiring processes, decrease their hiring cycle-time and total cost of new employee acquisition.

What Did Semeron Do for Our Client?
Semeron partnered with our customer to provide a comprehensive process redesign for Human Resource activities including: requisitions, approval, posting, resume tracking, recruitment, and internal transfer processes.

How Did Our Client Benefit?
Our client streamlined their human resources processes to significantly reduce time-to-fill open positions, with time-to-fill projected reductions of 50%.