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Industry: Financial Services

We have offered professional facilitation for many corporate planning sessions and off site meetings. Our facilitation services ensure that your company:

What Was Our Client's Problem?

Our client needed to prioritize ways to improve its financial reporting organizational structure. It needed to uncover root causes of common break-downs, errors and lengthy reporting cycles.

What Did Semeron Do for Our Client?

We facilitated a session with the Financial Reporting unit of a publicly held company. The purpose of the session was to capture the needs of the staff and to solicit their ideas for performance and organizational improvement. Our approach to this session was to:

1. Meet with the client sponsor to agree on goals, scope and participants of session

2. Interview participants to identify their specific issues and surface hidden agendas

3. Customize an agenda and approach for the session that best fit the goals and considers the unique team dynamics

4. Review agenda and approach with client sponsor and refine

5. Facilitate the session

6. Document the session results and review with client sponsor

How Did Our Client Benefit?

At the beginning of the session, Managers expected the staff to simply ask for more people. However, after the session, Management clearly understood that their staff wanted long term, fundamental improvements in the department. Their top four needs included: focused training, improved work flows, documented procedures and a re-orientation of the management structure. As a result, our client avoided hiring unnecessary staff.

Using Semeronís facilitation services resulted in: