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Semeron assists clients in developing realistic strategies for dealing with the unexpected—events that can interrupt vital business services and undermine the confidence of customers. Semeron approaches its engagements as a partner and facilitator. We help our clients to evaluate risks, identify remedies, and make informed choices about mitigation investments.

What is a Representative Client's Problem?

Our clients recognize that they are increasingly dependent on their IT applications and systems, and that those systems face multiple vulnerabilities. Whether from software bugs, external hackers, disgruntled employees, or natural disasters such as earthquakes, the continuity of vital communications and information systems cannot be guaranteed. And no organization has the resources to create totally redundant systems for all of its operations—there is neither the time nor the money.

What Semeron Does for Our Client?

Semeron staff work with the client to prioritize the client organization’s activities and services, and then to identify which technology systems are essential to the highest priority business processes. Suddenly the problem becomes manageable; solutions can be developed.

Once we have helped our client to identify those business activities and supporting technology systems that are most important to it, Semeron facilitates the development of strategies to reduce risk to an acceptable level.

Sometimes, as in the case of systems essential to the core functions of the business (or government systems which support of the health and safety of the community), this might mean having redundant computer systems and communication lines in place. In other cases, it might mean keeping spare parts handy, maintaining the option to run critical applications at a third party site, or, more likely, identifying the step-by-step manual work-arounds which could buy adequate time at a very low cost until automated service could be restored.

How Does Our Client Benefit?

Instead of anticipating inevitable service disruptions with unreasonable dread or, worse yet, ignoring them, our client knows that it is prepared for the worst with clear, documented strategies that will keep its most vital functions operating. And it has the experience and expertise in business continuity planning to keep its plans current and to add to them as necessary.

Semeron understands that each client is different in terms of the services it provides customers, its tolerance for risk, and its ability to fund risk mitigation strategies. Our approach is to help each client strike the balance that is most appropriate so that key business functions can be continued through the best and the worst of times.