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What Was Our Client's Problem?

This client had a national vision to reach the community, build new businesses, create jobs and provide vocational training. Their vision was grand and almost overwhelming…and as word began to get out, people and other organizations were coming from everywhere to join in making the vision a reality. The only problem? Lack of a unified, prioritized, strategic to tactical, shared plan for quickly growing the vision.

What Did Semeron Do for Our Client?

Using Semeron’s strategic planning & design process, the client created a shared vision for an entirely new business model, as well as product and service offerings. The team developed new organizational structures, reporting processes and integration with the parent organization. The team also translated tactical level objectives and assignments for delegation to participating organizations, partners and volunteers.

How Did Our Client Benefit?

The client’s vision gained traction. They were able to articulate a progressive plan for defining, building and implementing the new business vision. Additionally, the client was able to identify their initial investment areas and business opportunities – all with strategic alignment to the mission, vision and strategy of the organization. The client also identified and prioritized the internal process changes needed to support the new strategies. The organization is now building, step-by-step toward their ultimate vision AND promoting the new opportunity to communities, other non-profits, investors, volunteers and constituents.