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What Our Client's Typical Problems Would Be?

Corporation with medium complexity SAP environment is mid-way through an SAP upgrade. The upgrade plan includes a straight migration with four areas of new SAP functionality being configured. The project appears to be tracking according to plan with no outward signs of trouble.

What Would Semeron Do for Our Client?

Semeron performs a five-day high level but comprehensive review of business case, reporting strategy, project metrics, testing plans, training and communication plans and technical review.

Semeron uncovers the following issues:
· An additional area of functionality is configured with no assessment of impact to business processes, interfaces, user count and support and training scripts.
· Hardware has not been adequately resized with limited consideration of impact of changed interfaces and new users.
· Some available additional functionality is not going to be used that could alleviate the pain of an important internal customer.
· Duration of training on changes to existing reporting after 'Go Live' is deemed insufficient.

Semeron’s Health Check Report:
· Identifies the above “red flags”
· Describes outcome of not taking appropriate action
· Describes the benefits of taking corrective action

How Would Our Client Benefit?

Our Client saves one month of remedial work after 'Go Live' and dramatically increases internal customer satisfaction.