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Industry: Healthcare

What Was Our Client's Problem?

Semeron’s client is a leading healthcare organization competing for scarce, qualified and highly skilled individuals. They needed to assess and acquire an automation solution for their HR and create a plan for migrating their manual processes and filing system to a computer-enabled, automated solution to reduce manual processes and save money. The team was concerned that they did not understand many of the technical implications of their decisions.

What Did Semeron Do for Our Client?

Semeron assisted our customer define business automation requirements, identify qualified vendors for review, evaluate vendor software against requirements, quantify cost/benefit criteria, evaluate return-on-investment against option, create business cases and present recommendations to executive leadership. Semeron also designed an approach for interim automation to help alleviate immediate pressures where manual processes were laborious and time consuming, while planning for the long-term automation solution. Automation covered all phases of employee acquisition, recruiting, hiring and resulting documentation including electronic signatures/approvals and document management.

How Did Our Client Benefit?

Our client was able to select an appropriate automation vendor, evaluate and present business value information and plan for a streamlined approach for successive rollout of an automation solution – with minimal disruption to existing work and ‘business-as-usual’ activities. The results provide an integrated approach to HR business activities, seamlessly supported by automation technology.